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FIFA 21 APK For Android Download

FIFA 21 APK was released on 9 October 2020 for Android and iOS devices, and Kylian Mbappe was selected as the cover star. EA Sports added a prominent edition named “FIFA 21 Next-Gen Edition”. This edition was created to utilize the next-generation gaming console capabilities for Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The Next-Generation Edition has better graphics, fast loading time, and different improvements that deliver a realistic gaming experience. You can play on a PC with the recommended requirements.

Download FIFA 21 Android

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What is the New in FIFA 21 for Android? 

FIFA 21 rewards you with creativity and control on and off the ball with more intelligent player positioning, better scoring opportunities, and player control runs.

Agile Dribbling 

In FIFA 21 for Android, agil dribbling lets you unleash your creativity to go past the defender and show up some fast footwork to leave them lost for words, and the player can move the ball faster in one-on-one situations. 

Creative Runs.

In FIFA 21 for Android, you’ve got more control over your attacker’s movements in the build-up to get inventive and control your teammate’s runs with directed passes and directed runs. 

Positioning Awareness.

You can place the world’s best players in the right place at the right time. World-class forwards like Sergio Aguero hold their runs to stay on side, and smart playmakers like Kevin de Bruyne find the spaces to play those incisive through balls.

Natural Collision System.

FIFA 21 also smooths out those defensively attacked free throws when the ball goes loose in the box with a refreshed collision system. You can see natural outcomes when players fight to be first to the ball.

FIFA Ultimate Team changes.

In FIFA 2021, you can see new changes in building an ultimate squad and competing with the enemy. 

Volta Football updates.

You can see various changes in Volta, the street football mode, changes in locations, new updates made, and gameplay.

Career Mod New Enhancements.

FIFA 21 has a new interactive match sim, more controllable training, development of your squad, and more ways to sign players on the transfer market.

Realistic Stadiums and Biggest ICONs

 You can enjoy all FUT events, meaningful moments, Core Mode improvements, FUT stadiums, and 100 of the biggest ICONs from Pele to Zidane and Ronaldo to Cruyff to play in FIFA Mobile APK.

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How to Download FIFA 21 APK on Android with OBB File

When you want to download FIFA 21 on APK, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Download the FIFA 21 +OBB files. 
  • Download ZArchiver on your mobile and go to the folder where you install the FIFA 21 APK file.
  • Here, you can see the FIFA 21 file. Click on this file and start extracting these files. It can take a few minutes.
  • You can see a folder of FIFA 21 and OBB Data files. 
  • Click on the file and start downloading while enabling the unknown resources.
  • After completing the installation, enjoy the ultimate journey of FIFA 21 APK, which is free for Android.

Device Requirements For Installation. 

  • To successfully install FIFA 21 for Android, your mobile must have 1 GB of storage or more.
  • 3GB RAM or more.
  • FIFA 21 can run on Android 4.4, but we recommend you play it on Android 7.0 to avoid distortion and play the game smoothly.

Features of FIFA 21 for Android.

Here are some of the significant features of FIFA 21 APK. check out the old version of FIFA Mobile APK.

Build Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 APK allows you to build your squad by selecting players from different teams and leagues. Build your ultimate team and take the world tour with your friends to win together and get rewarded together in FUT CO-OP. Pick a side and compete against the FUT community to unlock packs, coins, club items, or players with a new team event. You can enjoy all FUT events, meaningful moments, Core Mode improvements, FUT stadiums, and 100 of the biggest ICONs from Pele to Zidane and Ronaldo to Cruyff to play in FIFA Mobile APK. 

Attack Mode

In FIFA 21 mobile, you can compete in uncoordinated battles against other players using various tactics and score more goals. 

Skill Moves of FIFA 21 For Android 

Using all the skills, moves, and tactics, quick and easy dribbling, shots, and passes to outmaneuver the opponent.

Enhanced Graphics and Presentation 

In FIFA Mobile 21 APK, you can experience high-quality, real-life graphics and presentations. You can enjoy realistic gameplay on your mobile device. 

Live Events

Participate in live events that mirror real-world matches, allowing you to earn unlimited rewards. To make these events authentic and provide their users level playing field FIFA Mobile APK has set rules to follow. What are these rules? must read our latest article FIFA Rules to Follow.

FIFA 21 Andriod Game Mode

For those who want to play solo matches, FIFA 21 APK has various modes. Let’s take a look.

Career Mode of FIFA 21 

Now, you can manage every moment in FIFA 21 career mode. With a new interactive match sim, you have more controlled training when developing your squad. There are more ways to sign players on the transfer market. Let’s discuss some key elements of FIFA 21 Career Mode.

Interactive Match Sim

new feature of career mode interactive match sim

Are you ready for a whole new way to play out your career? A brand new interactive match sim gives you full control when simming matches. You can jump in and out of the action when you decide to change the course of the game or take charge of the key moments to dominate the moments of that matter. You can watch match stats and the player’splayer’s performance levels. You can also make subs or tactical changes on the fly to influence the match’smatch’s outcome. 

Player Development

A new player development system puts you in charge of your squad’s development. New development plans give you control over each player’s growth to help you build your squad’s attributes to match your style of play.

career mode's player development
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Active Training

Now, you can manage your team schedule and train multiple players simultaneously with a new activity management system. You can choose when to rest your player and when to train throughout the week as you balance your player’s player’s morale and fitness with the match sharpness. You can boost your players in the group training sessions, monitor your players players progressions, and find that sweet spot with fitness and morale to keep your team firing on all cylinders. 

new active training feature

New Transfer Options 

FIFA 21 gives you more new options to transfer players in a more realistic transfer market in FIFA 21. 

Enhanced Opposition A.I.

Overhauled opposition AI gives you a more intelligent opponent to play against in every match. New tackling, player switching, and marking logic make opposition defenses harder to break down. At the other end of the pitch, more intelligent attackers have a stronger understanding of dribbling and passing to keep on your toes from game to game.


In FIFA 21, you can enjoy the ultimate experience and next-level level atmosphere, With new ways to train, play, make transfers, and manage every moment of your Career in FIFA 21. Discover the new features and new tactics and apply them against your opponents to earn unlimited rewards and unlock more features. So, what are you waiting for? Download right now and kick-start the biggest football journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is FIFA 21 worth it?

With new developments that give you solid and fun gameplay, introducing new features like enhanced graphics, a new atmosphere, and an improved career mode can hold you for hours. 

Does FIFA 21 have a story?

EA Sports ensured that the Volta football will be back in FIFA 21 APK, and you might find a new storyline. The story will start where the action left off at the end of FIFA 20. 

is FIFA 21 online or offline?

FIFA 21 can be played online and offline; in offline mod, you can play in single-player mode like career and kick-off mod. But online, you can take a world tour, play worldwide, and participate in leagues and events.

What are the requirements of FIFA 21 APK for PC?

The recommended requirements for PCs are 
OS: Windows 10( 64-Bit)
RAM: 8Gb
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon R9 270X with 4 GB of video RAM.
Hard Drive: 50Gb for free space. 
Processor: intel i5-3550k @ 3.40GHz.