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FIFA Mobile 19 APK

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FIFA is the most exciting event for soccer lovers. Now, you can enjoy FIFA soccer immediately. EA Sports has launched FIFA 19 APK, packed with realistic real FIFA features. FIFA Mobile APK is the most realistic game with engaging gameplay. Its realistic HD graphics, simulated interface, and different modes take this game to the next level. Available on Google Play Store for Android devices, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. You can play FIFA Mobile APK on a PC with or without emulators or software.

This article will delve into the most exciting features and gameplay of FIFA 19 APK. You can also download the FIFA 19 APK+ Obb file and play FIFA 19 APK. So, let’s begin!

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Gameplay of FIFA Mobile 19 APK

Whether you are a newbie, the gameplay teaches you how to play and you must know the FIFA APK rules. FIFA APK adds an exciting kick-off session to train the new players. In the kick-off session, you will learn how to use its throw, shoot, pass, sprint, and skill buttons quickly and promptly.

Its simulated buttons let you play like real FIFA soccer. Four simulated buttons help you to play. You must press the pass button to pass the soccer to the next teammate. The longer you press the pass button, the more the soccer pass travels to the teammate, where you stop pressing the pass button. Just tap on the pass to pass quickly.  The more you play, the more you can upgrade your skill and win.

FIFA 19 APK User Interface

FIFA 19 has a fast and simple user interface. On the Home page, to start the game, you have to select from two types of games: Kick-off and leagues. When you choose the playing mode, the next step is to play. You can play solo, build your team, participate in tournaments, play skill games, or join other teams and leagues. 

In the online menu, you can play with your friends online. FIFA 19 is also available on PlayStation so that you can play or enjoy it live. FIFA 19 has 16,181 live seasons. You can take part in any of the seasons you may like. In the customize menu, you can customize settings, profiles, online settings, teams, catalogs, create your team with your favourite players, and much more.

FIFA 19 APK New Exciting Features

Every year, EA Sports launches a new version of FIFA Mobile APK on iOS and Android devices with more unique and exciting features. Your wait is over this time. They also try their best to provide real soccer with more realistic features. Here are FIFA 19’s19’s valuable features that can grab your attention.

Realistic Changes of FIFA 19

To give you real-time gameplay, FIFA 19 added real-life features compared to old versions of FIFA Mobile APK. It’s real-like facial expressions when the players hit the ball and passed the goal. You can also see the dirt on the player’splayer’s kits when they fall. It gives a feeling like you are in the real FIFA stadium. Ronaldo and Messi, the real-life soccer heroes, are added to make it more realistic. Moreover, you can also listen to your favourite real-life commentator’s commentary in real-time.

Player Career Mode

In FIFA 19 APK made many changes in My Player Career Mode. You can create your player or also customize the player. The biggest addition to the Player Career Mode in FIFA 19 is that you can train the player after creating or customizing the player. You can also find 19 world-renowned players in career mode to select. In the training session, the player learns how to pass, sprint, through, and score a big goal. 

50/50 Battles

EA Sports has launched 50/50 more responsive battles that engage users for hours than other battles.

Customizable Running Patterns

In FIFA 19, you can also customize the running behavior of the player. From the instructions section, you can easily decide the running pattern, attacking behavior, and interception pattern. This way, you can make your player aggressive, offensive, calm, and whatever you like. It’s all up to you.

Minimap Magic

The minimap shown in the FIFA 19 helps to identify your team to play smoothly. You can easily differentiate one team player from the other with the different colour and shape icons.

Pre-Plan Your Game

Pre-planing a game gives more chances to win. The new feature in FIFA 19 is you can pre-plan your game strategy. You can choose the defensive, ultra-defensive, attacking, or attacking game plan in FIFA 19.

Multiple Defensive Styles

FIFA 19 gives you every control of your player to play and win. In the Tactics menu, you can gain control over the defensive styles of your team players. It means you can change the style when your team replays the ball. You can change the defensive techniques by selecting the following settings. 

  • Press after possession loss
  • Constant pressure
  • Drop back
  • Balanced
  • Pressure on heavy touch
multiple defence styles

Tactical Depth

The depth and width of your team is adjustable in the Tactical menu. It means If you increase your team’s width, your team players spread across the FIFA stadium. And if you increase the depth, the team players will play closely. You can also choose how many players you must settle on the corner to achieve more goals.

tacttical depth

Champions League

In the Champions League, you can choose your favourite team or create your team. You can also play the Champions League in kick-off mode.

Addition of Europa League

Apart from the Champions League In FIFA 19, the Europa League is also included to enhance the gameplay.  You can play the Europa League with new roles if you are bored of the Champions League. 

How to Download and Install FIFA 19 on Android With OBB File

You need to download FIFA 19 with an OBB file for a smooth game download. You can download the FIFA 19+OBB file free from our trusted website. You have to follow these easy steps for a smooth download:

  • Download the OBB file and FIFA 19 APK first.
  • Open settings in your Android and enable unknown sources from the settings.
  • Open the downloaded files and tap to install.
  • It may take a few seconds.
  • After installation, open the game and enjoy your real FIFA soccer on your Android with new features.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it Free to Download FIFA 19 and OBB File?

Yes, it is free to download the game and OBB files from our website.

Can I Play FIFA 19 Offline?

Yes, You can play FIFA 19 offline. The FIFA 19 with OBB file support lets you enjoy the game even if you are offline.

Which devices Can I Play FIFA 19 on?

You can play FIFA 19 on all Android devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.


FIFA 19 is the most enhanced edition of EA Sports compared to the older versions. Its real-life players, expressions, and marvellous commentary make it the real version of the FIFA World Cup. The new features add more spice to the gameplay of FIFA 19, making it more convenient. So don’t waste your time on the older versions. Download the FIFA APK with an OBB file from our website with simple steps, and enjoy the FIFA on your Android now!