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FIFA MOBILE on PC, Unlimited Money and Gems


Windows 7,8,10

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In the beginning, FIFA Mobile was available on iOS and Android devices. As time passed fans of FIFA Mobile on playing PC increased gradually, showing an interest in Playing FIFA Mobile on PC. Catering to the interests of the users there are many software available in the market that support playing FIFA Mobile on PC.

To cater to this problem here is a detailed article on multiple software and Android Emulators which will help you to choose any software or emulators.

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Gameplay of FIFA Mobile on PC

System Requirements

less RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating system
Windows 7,8,10 64-bits
Operating System
Windows 7,8,10 64-bits
8GB better performance
Core Processor
Core Processor 
i5, i7 better performance
Graphic Processing Unit
GTX 1050
Graphic Processing Unit
GTX 1050

FIFA Mobile on PC

By setting up FIFA Mobile on your PC, you can experience its captivating gameplay, multiplayer competitors, and much more.

To resolve this issue of how to download FIFA Mobile APK on your Desktop or PC there are multiple well-known Consoles and Android emulators like Gameloopp, Bluestacks, Memu, ApowerMirror, and Strazmirrors. Let’s discuss these emulators one by one.

Choosing the Right Emulator for Your PC.

What are Emulators? Do you know which Emulator is compatible with your PC? Here we learn about these applications that assist your PC to imitate any other software. The purpose of any emulator is that it can capable your PC to play games with the specific gaming console.  

  •    GameLoop 
  •    BlueStack Emulator
  •    Play with MEMU
  •    ApowerMirror

Install Gameloop to Play FIFA Mobile on PC.

Gameloop is a tool developed by Tencent. The purpose of developing this software is that most of the games and apps cannot run on a PC so this kind of tool can assist your PC or desktop to enjoy any application or video game. Gameloop provides its own Android Emulator so you can play on PC FIFA Soccer by using its authority. 

After gripping on its controls, Go ahead and enjoy by using its control as a mouse and keyboard and you don’t need any other tool to install to understand its controls.

How to Download FIFA Mobile on PC with GameLoop? Step By Step Guide.

Step 1: Install  Gameloop on your PC from its official website. When the installation process is done, then run Gameloop on your computer. 

Step 2: Search for your favourite game on FIFA Mobile and hit the install button.  

fifa pc1

Download GameLoop from its official website


Search FIFA Mobile APK and start download


Enjoy your favourite FIFA game on PC with friends

Step 3: There are unlimited games that you can install and play. When it launches, your next step is to go download files and start downloading.

Step 4:   Gameloop can assist you in completing the process of downloading FIFA Mobile on your PC. It can assist you in configuring all controls according to your wish. You can customize your game settings. 

Important note for new users:

When this software asks for some permissions allow all requests so it would start working efficiently. 

Pros and Cons of GameLoop.


  • GameLoop is free to download.
  • Most of the features are free.


  • Emphasizes an app purchase.

Bluestake for Installing FIFA Mobile on PC.

Like any other Emulator, the purpose of Bluestake is precisely equal, You may find it slightly different from any other emulator. The goal of utilizing Bluestack is to download and Play games or run apps on your PC.  

How to Install FIFA Mobile on PC with Bluestack? Follow these Steps.

  • Open any window tab and visit Bluestack’s official website.
  • Start downloading on your PC. 
  • Go to Google Play Store, proceed to the path to search FIFA Mobile APK, and install it.
  • In addition, your PC can now play more games along with FIFA APK. 
  • Now you know how easy and quick the process is.

Minimum Requirements for Playing FIFA Mobile on PC with Bluestack.


Operating System

Microsoft window 7+



Intel/ AMD processor






5GB disk free space

Bluestack is one of the exclusively well-known Android emulators.  

Pros and Cons of Bluestack:


  • Easy to set up.


  • in the free, some features are locked.

Play FIFA Mobile on PC Through MEmu.

MEmu is a modern technology that provides unlimited games and apps to play. You can use the MEmu tool to accomplish your PC. Some games have exceptional graphics, and software like Memu Emulator is particularly utilized to play video games on a desktop or PC.


Download the MEmu installer


Start MEmu and go to Google Play


Search EA Sports FC Mobile

Why You Can Choose MEmu for Downloading FIFA Mobile on PC?

Memu offers a highly powerful system that supports and is compatible with your PC. MEmu is one of the best Android Emulators and over 100 million are enjoying it. MEmu has vividly modern visualization technology so that you can play various games on a PC.

wide screen for FIFA Game

Widescreen with better visuality, long duration battery.

play through keyboard and mouse

Precise control of Keyboard and mouse.

create multiple accounts on a single pc

You can create multiple accounts.

The specifications of your PC should be appropriate to the recommendations. For a better user experience, it is essential to have Windows 7,8,9, GPU must be 1050 for more advanced quality. 

Pros and Cons of MEmu


  • The best part of this Emulator is it has already adjusted all primary settings and controls.
  • It can run fast, and multiple games can be played simultaneously.


  • Ads interrupt while playing your games.
  • It consumes a lot of your Laptop or PC battery.

Download FIFA Mobile on PC Without an Emulator.

You do not need to be concerned if there’s an issue with the PC or if it is incompatible with your emulator. You can play through your Android and iPhone’s screen mirroring. It is a modern tool that provides a smooth path to play games through your phone’s display.

ApowerMirror for Installing FIFA Mobile on PC.

Intensifying the user experience and making it more comfortable is the essential purpose of downloading FIFA Mobile through ApowerMirror. You can utilize it, as a screen mirror for the PC. ApowerMirror is available on Android and IOS; you can easily download this app from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

Play games without Emulator

Pros and Cons of ApowerMirror.


  • You can quickly send or receive data from a computer to another device.
  • User friendly.


  • It may happen sometimes time the quality of the picture is not satisfying to run any game or app.

StarzMirror for Playing FIFA Mobile on PC.

Like any other screen mirroring app, it is a user-friendly and real-time tool that makes a remarkably smooth path for downloading your favourite FIFA Mobile game.

The first step is to download StarzMiror on Your PC.

intasll on pc

Second step

As you can see two options appear on the StarzMirror dashboard you can select according to your device. The process of implementing this app starts with Android and IOS phones and PCs connected with a similar data connection. Download the StarzMirror app by scanning through your PC’s screen from your camera. 

seslect your device IOS or Android

3rd step

start mrroring FIFA Mobile apk

When it is installed on your phone, a button pops up on your phone’s screen. Now you can see a button appear and when you touch that button and access permission to mirror. It discloses all the phone’s interface on the PC. This is the method of screening. This is how you can enjoy FIFA mobile APK on PC. 

Pros and Cons


  • By utilizing this software, share your data connection and phone to the PC.
  • It authorizes you with all controls of your phone to PC. 
  • You can record anything, take screenshots, and watch movies by screen mirroring.


  • App purchase for more features.

Install FIFA Mobile on PC With or Without Emulators.

You can download FIFA Soccer with Emulators, which is compatible with your PC or desktop. 

  • Download one of the Emulators that we mentioned. 
  • After installing, search for your favorite FIFA Mobile game and download it.
  • Some emulators can ask you to sign up with a Google account.
  • Download and play FIFA Mobile APK.

Explore FIFA Mobile APK’s stunning Features on PC.

The FIFA Mobile APK offers riveting features that keep players reluctant and hard to leave the game. The main charismatic feature is its simple and smooth interface.

features of fifa mobile

Build Your Ultimate Team in FIFA Mobile on PC.

FIFA Mobile provides an exciting opportunity to create your ultimate team to compete with online opponents. Various teams and leagues are there to take part, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Major League Soccer, Brasileirao, and Other European Leagues, which makes this game more realistic. You can build your team with skilled players and can further, armour them by unlocking new features and learning new techniques. 

Enjoy Live Events and Tournaments of FIFA Mobile on PC.

This is an exciting part of a game where you can participate in various live events and tournaments. Creating your ultimate skilled team and participating in live challenges and events is like a realistic FIFA soccer. Live events add extra thrill, and your team can win multiple rewards.

Enjoy Various Modes Of FC EA Sports FIFA Mobile on PC.

FIFA Mobile APK has various interesting mods. Every mod has specific features:

VS Attack mod: In this mod, you can engage other real-time teams of the online gaming community.

League Mod: This Mod enhances your playing skill of creating and attacking techniques with other players in league mod. 

Manager Mod: In Manager Mod, you just watch your team play in the stadium. Manager Mod takes your role, and you are sitting in the stadium as a spectator enjoying the gameplay of your team.

Campaign Mod: In this mod, you can enjoy playing the game as a single player in a particular series of challenges. These challenges and campaigns you can perform and unlock rewards. 

  • Skill Boost

Skill your players with advanced fighting tactics that allow them to win over your competitors. 

  • Player Cards

To build an advanced and dream team, you can trade, collect, and upgrade player cards.

  • Marketplace

To exchange player cards and upgrade your team, there is a marketplace. Here, you can trade in player cards by buying and selling them. 

  • Training session
  • From the Training sessions, you can learn some basic and advanced tactics and moves of the game. Increase your ability and interest in the game, and soon, if you work hard on learning these skills and moves, you can become a pro player.
  • Four-sided camera 

With four different camera angles, gameplay, and visual quality are enhanced. Having four camera angles is visually soo appealing for the player. Different side camera angles make the user experience unprecedented.

  • Play with friends

Play with friends and win unlimited rewards. You can make new friends in the game from around the world. 

  • Achievements and Rewards

Play aggressively, win matches, and win unlimited rewards. Complete game challenges and earn rewards that help upgrade the player’s level. There are daily and weekly packs, quests, challenges, and monthly tournaments with several rewards.

Customize Kit and Logo 

Go to the settings area and there you find your kit and team logo. EA Sports offers you that you can customize your team kit and logo and make it more engaging and attractive. 

Realistic Commentary:

FIFA mobile gives real-life commentary and a visually charged crowd in the playground. In the background, you can hear the voice of the crowd with engaging realistic commentary.

The Advantage of playing FIFA Mobile APK on a PC.

Let’s take a look at benefits of playing FIFA Mobile on PC.

No limitations of Running Out of Battery.

There’s no need to rush to bind and limit yourself. The limitations of running out of mobile battery include incoming call distortion and data limitations. You can play as long as you want and playing on a wider display PC is an immersive experience. Playing on a PC you can have the ultimate gaming experience, with settings, controls, and dynamic HD graphics.


By playing FIFA Mobile on a PC you can extend your playing gaming ability. There are over 19,000 skilled players and 650 teams from 30 leagues. Along with multiple real teams, you can start and build your dream team. You can line up your team and can skilled with tactics. 

You can customize and organize settings according to your desire. You can zoom in on any action in the match, and you can manage your player’s position. Playing FIFA Mobile on PC can amaze you with its innovative gameplay and unlimited rewards. Download now FIFA Mobile on PC and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, FIFA Mobile is available with the latest version on GameLoop.

There are both options are available for the users to play on PC. You can adapt which is compatible with your PC.

50 GB is free space required, and the Wifi speed requirement is 512kbs.

Because all rights belong to FIFA and now the agreement is not renewed that’s why the deal is expired. Based on that deal, EA Sports had the rights to use official FIFA logos and real name. That’s the reason the name is changed.