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FIFA Mobile for iOS


iOS 7 and up






In the beginning, when FIFA Mobile was launched on Android and iOS devices, now you can play On a PC. When you download and play FIFA Mobile APK on iOS and Android devices you can get unlimited everything. You can experience new modes and advanced technology of the frostbite engine. That changed the web game into realistic football matches; you can participate in various events and championships and get unlimited everything. In this article, you can learn what are the requirements and features of FIFA Mobile APK, So let’s get started.

Requirements for FIFA Mobile for iOS

The minimum requirement for an iOS device is that your mobile should have 1GB RAM. It depends on which edition you play, so the specifications may differ from the latest version. But it is mostly compatible with the latest iOS versions. 

Downloading FIFA Mobile APK on iOS

You can install FIFA Mobile APK’s latest version on an iOS device from the Apple store. The recent version may not be compatible with some devices, and you can not play it. So your devices should at least have these specs: 

Also, Read the Old Versions of FIFA Mobile APK.

  • iPhone 6 or later.
  • iPod touch 6Th Gen or later.
  • iPad Mini 4 or later.
  • iPad Air 2 or later.

Head-to-Head compatibility to Play in iOS

FIFA Mobile has various Mods, and the renowned Head-to-Head Mod has some special requirements. If you want to play, you must have these requirements. Otherwise, if you play on your device with fewer specs, you may face the distortion of low quality and bad experience. Minimum requirements are: 

For iOS 

  • iPhone 7 or later
  • iPod touch (7th GEN) or later
  • iPod (2017) or later
  • iPod Air 2 or later
  • iPod Pro 2016 or later
  • iPod Mini 5 or later

Playing at 60 FPS

60 FPS (60 frames per second) gives us a better video visualization experience with a smooth effect. 60 FPS supports dynamic HD graphics and visuals and provides users with realistic and captivating gameplay. The upcoming season of FC Mobile will be played in up to 60 FPS. From higher FPS you will meet the extra enhanced visuals. To play at 60 FPS you must fulfill these basic requirements.

  • iPhone 8 or later.
  • iPod touch (7th GEN) and later.
  • iPad (2018) and later.
  • iPad Air (2019) and newer.
  • iPad Pro (2017) and later
  • iPad mini and later

How to download FIFA Mobile on iOS

Follow these steps to download the FIFA mobile APK on your IOS devices. 

  • Tap on the link button on our website and start the procedure. 
  • You will be jumped to the APPLE Store. On this page, click the button, and the download will start quickly.
  • When the file is installed, you can download FIFA Mobile on iOS and start playing. 

Innovative GamePlay of FIFA Mobile iOS

In FIFA 23 latest version, the organizers introduced new techniques in the game. FIFA Mobile allows you to customize your squad or you can play with your friends. You can earn multiple rewards such as FIFA coins, gems, and more XP. Let’s discuss the innovative gameplay of FIFA Mobile for iOS you can also read FIFA 19 APK.

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Features of The FIFA Mobile for iOS

FIFA Mobile APK has very explicit and delightful features on iOS. Playing FIFA Mobile on iOS, FIFA 24’s harmonious gameplay can grip you for many hours and you can also discover the Volta Mode of FIFA 20. 550 teams are participating, and your attacking behavior on your opponent can lead you to victory. Let’s discuss more about FIFA mobile features. You can also discover the unique features and astonishing graphics of FIFA 16 APK.

Train Your Player 

If you are playing FIFA Mobile on iOS now you can learn to pass, kick, sprint, and throw the ball. FIFA Mobile allows you to train your favourite elected player and create a skilled team.

Astounding  Stadiums 

EA Sports’ main key feature is its astounding stadiums and extraordinary build graphics, often leaving people in awe. Stadiums can unlock with the user level. You can choose a day and night view of the stadium, covered with clouds or partially covered with a bright sunny day sight. Lights lighten the stadiums at night. It looks like a real, real-life FIFA game.

Live Commentary 

Indeed, developers tried their best to create a masterpiece of realistic games. Its commentary makes you feel like you’re in a real-life stadium. 

Enjoy Live Tournaments on iOS

There are 15000 licensed players and 600 teams from various leagues. These 600 teams are committed to winning the tournament. 

Experience Different Angles Cameras on iOS Device

Various angles of cameras make the FIFA soccer game realistic. If you are playing on iOS and when a player goals to the opponent side and cameras likely capture these fun moments,  It takes a game to a new extra level. 

No Adds During Game

There are no ads during the game, and you can play smoothly and uninterruptedly. 


FIFA Mobile is the most exciting game because it was initially created for iOS and Android users. You can enjoy FIFA Mobile’s most exciting head-to-head mode on iOS and compete with other teams to win unlimited rewards. Playing FIFA Mobile games can engage FIFA players till the end whether you are playing it on iOS, or Android. Build your ultimate FIFA team with world-known soccer players and participate in the most realistic events. So, what are you waiting for? download now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The iPhone has a six-core CPU and five-core GPU which delivers 50 percent faster graphics performance than the Android phone. Since Apple controls both hardware and software all components are nicely tuned to operate together seamlessly.

Apple claims that the iPhone Pro Max is best for gaming.

The iPhone 15 Plus has the best battery life unfortunately iPhone 14 Pro Max also served well last year.

Connect your iPhone with wifi and check your connection is stable.